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Such a Positive Feeling Around the North and South Bank of the Humber

Hello readers !

Winter has arrived and January has thrown everything at us this last week.  Snow, ice, gale force winds and flooding – all in the space of a few days.  I sincerely hope anyone reading has not been too badly affected.

The weather however was particularly kind to everyone during the “Made in Hull” week.  We had cold but dry and still weather.   It was reported that more than a third of a million visitors enjoyed the spectacle which took place and personally I enjoyed it so much so I dissolved into tears and then had to go back and visit a second time.  Sean McAllister the local film maker has to be commended for his fabulous work and apparently we had more visitors here in a week than any of the top London attractions.

I have such a positive feeling about Hull and its culture year and then the icing on the cake had to be Hull City beating Bournemouth on Saturday. You really must visit Hull this year and enjoy all that the City of Culture has to offer.

With all the publicity in the media over the last week or two on the subject of the NHS I must tell you about my recent visit to Grimsby Hospital last week.  This was a long standing engagement and one I very much looked forward to.  I had been asked to officially open the new restaurant and after having visited this state of the art restaurant I will never again turn my nose up at the thought of hospital food.

Firstly, I was picked up by car from home and taken the 40 minute or so journey to Grimsby by the most glamorous driver I have ever seen.  She was young, very beautiful, chatty and totally gorgeous and we talked Bake Off, beauty and cake !  The day then just got better.  I was delivered to the main hospital entrance and then escorted to the most fabulous eatery by anyone’s standards.

A warm group of very proud staff made me feel  extremely welcome and I had a number of photo shoots with the hospital mascot – Scrubs the Bear.  I had noticed Scrubs had to be led in by the hand which puzzled me a little but when I was able to chat to Scrubs it was apparent he was very hot in his rigout and also couldn’t see !

This restaurant was amazing, light and airy and could boast a plate of food to satisfy anyone’s taste buds.  Everything is freshly made on the premises and visitors, staff and patients are able to take advantage of the menu.  I really think it is invaluable if, as a hospital visitor you have spent time sitting at the bed side of a loved one to then be able to enjoy a decent plate of food rather than get home, cold and hungry and have to resort to a takeaway or just a sandwich.

I also think sometimes the simple touches are the best and something that really appealed to me were the flagons of fresh water available, each one flavoured with fresh fruit or vegetables.  For example there was  citrus water and carrot and ginger water – free and accessible to anyone.  Brilliant touch.

Whilst still on the subject of food I have been reading this week about Flexitarian diet and I like it.  Basically and in a nutshell it is eating veggie say Monday to Friday then eating meat at the weekends.  The reasons ? – red meat regularly is not that good for us and also meat is so intensely reared nowadays, eating less of it may mean this should not have to happen in the future.  Also, I actually love fish and vegetables and some great tasting plates of food can be produced without the need to eat meat.

This leads me on to my recipe this time.  It is a very tasty, non meat,  Mushroom and Goats cheese bite and I love these with a bowl of soup on these cold January weekdays.  Have a go and talk again soon.

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