Mince Pies & Passion Fruit Tart

Mince Pies – Fresh cherries are just beautiful and when the season comes around I adore cherry pie and a blob of fresh cream. The juice can leak out of the pie during baking which doesn’t spoil the flavour but can make them difficult to get out of the tin if the juice has burnt on and takes away some of the beauty of your finished pie. You could also have an under baked base to your pies.
This recipe will ensure your pies stay in tact, look beautiful and are fully baked.

Chocolate Crusted Passion Fruit Tart -

This tart takes a little time but is a great one if you want to impress!

I use a chocolate pastry which can be tricky to handle and can rise a little in the oven so it is important that you roll it out really thinly. The passion fruit custard filling is delicious and is a non bake custard which is set with gelatine. This is great because you can fill your tart right to the very brim. The filigree decoration is optional but I think it gives a contemporary finish to this beautiful tart.