Cherry, Chocolate and Almond Baby Biscotti

These crunchy, twice baked Italian biscuits are delicious. I often make several batches at Christmas time, wrap them in cellophane bags and give them as gifts.  They keep for up to three weeks in a tin.


Preheat the oven to 180 degrees c.


You will need a baking sheet and a piece of reusable baking parchment


Start by whisking the egg and sugar in a mixing bowl until thick and creamy and when you take the whisk from the mixture it leaves a trail. This is commonly known as the ribbon stage.


Sieve into this mix the flour and baking powder – fold in briefly then add the cherries, nuts, almond extract and chocolate.


You will have a ball of fairly sticky dough but turn this onto a floured surface and form into ball and then divide into two. Shape each half into a sausage shape about 25cm long and about 5cm wide.


Transfer to the baking sheet then pop into the oven and bake for 16-18 minutes.   The bake will be lightly coloured and slightly risen and firm to the touch.


Take from the oven and leave for five minutes then I use a serrated bread knife to cut the bake into slices about 1cm thick.


Place the slices back onto the baking sheet and pop them into the oven and bake for 4 minutes, take them out, turn them over and pop back again for a further 3 minutes.


Cool on a baking sheet then store in an airtight tin for up to three weeks.

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