Deep Indulgent Chocolate Cake

This cake has real presence and can be dressed up for any occasion – dark, mean, moist and most of all tasting of chocolate. I like to make this cake at Easter because chocolate is well and truly on the menu at this time.      


You will need 2 x 9inch (23cm)  loose bottomed deep cake tins brushed with lining paste and base lined with paper (optional).

This is a large cake and I mix it in my table top mixer. With the whisk attached cream together the soft margarine or butter, vanilla and the sugar until light and very fluffy.  In a large jug mix together the eggs.  I blitz them together with a hand blander so that the mix is completely combined with no stretchy pieces of egg.

With the machine running pour in the egg in a very slow steady stream (taking up to 5 minutes) and then when all incorporated, turn up the speed and whisk well and there will be no curdle.

In a small jug mix the cocoa and milk together until you have a thick paste then add the oil, coffee and spice.

Change from the whisk to your paddle attachment then on the lowest speed add the flour to the creamed cake batter.  When the flour looks as though it is well combined pour in the chocolate paste mixture and the cooled melted chocolate.  Continue to mix until the chocolate is well incorporated and the batter is smooth with no white streaks.  Remember to clean down the sides of the bowl and dig right to the bottom as there will be mix which is still pale.

Divide between the two prepared tins and bake at 130 degrees C (fan) for 60 to 70 minutes minutes.  The cakes are baked when they are well risen and the tiniest hairline crack is just starting to form in the middle.

Remove from the tins when cool then leave to go completely cold on wire racks.

To make the filling and frosting

Cream together the softened butter and vanilla. Add the sugar little by little, mixing well between each addition.  Mix the cocoa powder with the milk to a runny paste then pour this into the mixture.  Finally whisk in the cream cheese.  Whisk well until light and fluffy then use to fill and coat your cake.

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