End of Season Chutney

I actually call this my end of season chutney.  It makes excellent use of all of my leftover tomatoes, green, red and yellow at different stages of ripeness.  I have a few windfall apples in there plus onions, dried fruit and garlic.  So often chutney is brown but I make this one with granulated sugar and distilled white vinegar which results in a chutney that is colourful and vibrant - autumn in a jar !   If you decide to make this chutney give yourself a good few hours as it needs to simmer away gently for three and a half hours !! But it's worth it.


Prepping this chutney will be speedy if you have a food processor.

Start by making the paste.  Mix all the paste ingredients together with vinegar taken from the measured amount for the chutney until you have a smooth mixture about the consistency of single cream.  Set aside.

Cut large tomatoes into quarters and small ones in half then chop roughly in your processor with the blade attached.  Transfer to the preserving pan.

Peel the onions, cut into quarters and chop roughly – transfer to the pan.  Chop the garlic too.

Add the sugar, dried fruit, salt, paste and vinegar and give everything a good stir.

Finishing with the apples simply cut into quarters, slice out the core, cut the quarters in half and chop them in the processor too.  Transfer them to the pan and stir well in.  Note I leave the apples until the last because I don’t want them to brown.

Bring your pan to the boil then turn down and leave on a steady simmer for three and a half hours, stirring from time to time.  If you feel your chutney is sticking to the base of the pan then turn the heat down a touch.

The chutney is cooked sufficiently when the vinegar is almost cooked off and the chutney is thick.

Turn off the heat and leave to cool a little then transfer to warm sterilised jars and place a lid on immediately.  Label the jars when cold.

TIP:  Butter the bottom of your pan before starting to prevent chutney burning on the bottom and prevent a scum forming whilst cooking.

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