Fondant Fancies

This delicate Afternoon Tea favourite can be tricky. Follow my instructions and video and it will all be plain sailing ! Flavours can be varied depending on your preference and I have included a few here.


You will need 2 x 8 inch square sandwich cakes greased and lined

Start by making the sponges. Whisk together the margarine (butter) and sugar until soft and fluffy then add the eggs one at a time until well combined.  Fold in the sifted flour and add chosen flavour.  When the mixture is well combined divide between the two tins and bake for 16-18 minutes until pale golden and risen.  Remove from the tins and cool on wire racks.

Make the buttercream filling by whisking the butter until soft then add the icing sugar in three parts whisking well between each addition. Whisk well until you have a smooth cream then add the flavour of choice.

When the cakes have completely cooled spread one cake with jam (if using) and the other cake with buttercream then sandwich them together. I tend to make the bottoms of the cakes the presentation sides and the tops of the cakes become the sides to be spread with the fillings.  If you have a dome to your cakes then slice this off before filling.

Place the sandwiched cake into the freezer for about 20 minutes to firm up.

In the meantime make the pouring fondant. Place the icing sugar in a roomy mixing bowl then pour over the hot water followed by the glycerine, glucose and flavouring.  Give a good stir and the mixture will become smooth and glossy.  Add then the colour of choice using your food colour gel.  Place the fondant into a smaller bowl and set it over a pan of warm water (not hot).  You want the fondant to keep its loose pouring consistency.  I put a pan lid on the bowl until I am ready to use it.

Take the cake from the freezer then trim the edges before cutting the cake into quarters and then into quarters again giving 16 small pieces. I then transfer them back into the freezer until I am ready to use.

Prepare the marzipan by rolling out and then cutting 16 x 10cm circles using a pastry cutter. Once the circles have been cut I then take each one and roll even thinner and large enough to cover comfortably the little cakes.

At this stage I take an old fork then I bent so that I am able to stand the little cake onto the prongs whilst still holding the fork upright.

Take one cake at a time from the freezer then brush with the jam syrup. Lay over the very thin layer of marzipan then use a pair of scissors to trim the sides and the overhang from the bottom.  A neat finish on the marzipan is important otherwise creases and bubbles will show through the fondant finish.

When ready to ice your cakes – have ready your bowl of fondant icing, give it a stir to check the consistency. If it is too thin it will run straight off your cakes and not produce a good finish but if it is too thick you will find the end result too thick and sweet.  The consistency needs to be that of a thick pouring sauce.  If your fondant is too thin it will thicken as it gets cooler but if it is too thick then place on your pan of hot water and it will soon slacken.

Place a cake on the fork then ladle over your fondant making sure the sides are well covered. Once the majority of the fondant has dripped off transfer to a cooling rack which has a piece of foil underneath to catch the drips.

Once all the fondant fancies are coated, looking smooth and silky leave to set – about an hour.

When set you can sit them into cupcake cases then decorate as much or as little as you like.

Have fun !!

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