Madeira Cake

A Madeira Cake is a very traditional cake and probably the only cake I really remember as a child. A Madeira Cake once made will keep well in a tin in a cool place for up to two weeks.  It is possible to add flavours and I will include a few with this recipe.  If you are new to baking, not a real sweet tooth or need a cake that will keep a while then this one is certainly for you.


Preheat your oven to 130 degrees (fan) or 140 degrees conventional.


In a roomy mixing bowl whisk together the soft margarine or butter with the caster sugar until light, pale in colour and creamy. I use an electric hand whisk.

Add one egg to the bowl then whisk well until the egg is completely emulsified into the mixture. Repeat using the second then the third egg.  Whisk well and on a high speed and the mixture will be pale, light, smooth and taking on the appearance of whipped cream.

Sift the flours together then add to the mixture. Using a large metal spoon fold the flour into the whipped up mix.  Use slow, thorough stirs and continue until all the flour has been incorporated.  At this point add the flavour of choice.

Transfer to the prepared tin and sprinkle over nuts or sugar nibs if using.

Bake for one hour exactly.

Remove onto a cooling tray and allow to cool for about half an hour in the tin. Take from the tin, remove the baking papers and store in an airtight tin.

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