Pickled Peppers

If you grow your own peppers then here is an option. Great served with cold meats at Christmas.


Start the night before. Cut the core and stalk from the peppers and slice them into 5cm strips and lay them in a colander with a plate underneath to catch the liquid and sprinkle the salt between layers as you fill the colander.  Place a plate over with a weight (I use three tins of beans) and leave overnight.

The next day there will be a pool of liquid on the plate beneath your peppers. Pour this away.

Have ready four clean sterilised jars with screw top lids.

In a large saucepan place the sugar, vinegar and spice and once the sugar has dissolved and the mixture is clear turn up the heat and bring to a fast boil. Drop in the peppers and cook for just one minute then take them out of the vinegar and divide between the four jars.  Bring the vinegar back to a fast boil for just a further five  minutes then pour over the peppers in the jars.

Place over the screw tops and store for a month before eating.

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