Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream

Here is a simple ice cream recipe which doesn’t require an ice cream maker.  It does freeze hard so remember to remove to the fridge to ripen for about an hour before serving.


You will need 3 large mixing bowls and an electric hand whisk.

Start by making the raspberry puree.  Blitz the fruits to a pulp with a liquidiser or food processor then pass though a sieve to remove the seeds.  Stir through about 1-2 tbsp sugar to taste. I prefer the raspberry puree to taste quite tart.  The puree needs to be thick so it may be necessary to boil the puree with the sugar for a few minutes to allow it to bubble and thicken up.  This may be the case especially if you used frozen berries. Once thickened to a consistency of thick sauce or ketchup set aside to cool.

In your first mixing bowl whisk the two egg whites together adding half of the sugar gradually until the mixture is glossy and thick.  Set aside.

Bring a small saucepan of water to the boil.  Take off the heat, stand on a tea towel then place your second bowl over the top which contains the two egg yolks and the remainder of the sugar.  Whisk together until the mixture is thick, doubled in volume and straw like in colour.  Set aside.

In the third bowl whisk the double cream to soft peaks, being careful not to over whisk.

Add the egg whites to the whisked (and cooked) egg yolks, folding thoroughly.  Add the vanilla extract then fold in the double cream.  Finally fold in the thick fruit puree and stir just briefly as you want to retain the ripple effect.  Transfer to plastic containers with lids and freeze.

When ready to serve remove from the freezer and ripen for an hour in the fridge.

Will keep up to 3 months.

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