Rice Pudding

I love a rice pudding and is my "go to" recipe when I find myself with milk that has approached it's Use By date. Rice pudding can be very flexible - baked low and slow if the oven is on, on the hob and even in the microwave. Dairy recipe and vegan recipe below


So simple.

Oven : Grease a large 2L casserole, ovenproof dish or bowl with butter then add all of the ingredients. Give it a stir then pop into the oven preheated to 130 degrees celsius (fan assisted) or 150 degrees conventional. The rice pudding can be stirred half way through the cooking and an extra grating of nutmeg added. Bake for 2 to 2.5  hours or until the pudding wobbles ever so slightly when shaken – no runny milk, the rice is soft, cooked through and the pudding is thick with a dark baked skin.

Hob : In a large saucepan place all the ingredients then set over a low heat and stir well until the butter (and coconut milk for the vegan version) and sugar have dissolved.  Bring to a very gently simmer then turn to the lowest power setting and allow it to just tick over, stirring from time to time so that it doesn’t burn on the bottom and so that the rice doesn’t clump together.   Try to stir about every five minutes or so.

Allow to cook for about half an hour, stirring regularly until the rice is al dente and almost cooked through.

Take from the heat, place a lid on and leave to cool.

When cool the rice should be thick, creamy and completely tender. Give a good stir and a taste.  To serve either reheat in the pan or microwave in individual bowls.

TIP – Rub the base of your pan with butter to help avoid the milk burning on the bottom.  Better still a non stick pan will work well as long as you don’t have your heat too high.

TIP – if you cook by gas and find it difficult to get a very gentle heat an upturned baking tin over the flame will diffuse the heat giving you just sufficient to cook the rice pudding.

Microwave : reduce your fuel costs and make this family friendly pudding in the microwave. My microwave is 1000 watts so adjust cooking times accordingly depending on wattage of machine.

Choose a large microwave proof bowl or lidded Pyrex type casserole. Add all of the ingredients, stir, cover then microwave on High for 13-15 minutes – stirring half way through until the milk starts to boil.  Stir once more then turn the power down to just 10 per cent (100 watts) and cook for a further 40 minutes. At the end of the cooking time leave to stand for 20 minutes. I tend to then leave mine to completely cool and thicken further then reheat the next day. If you prefer to eat at once and the rice isn’t thick enough for you then continue to cook in 1-2 minute blasts until the consistency is as you like it.  No need to butter the cooking dish as the microwave  rice pudding doesn’t stick.

This rice pudding freezes well too.


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