Summer Pudding Terrine

If you like summer pudding I promise this is the best you have ever tasted !  Sometimes there is a sort of bitter after taste but with this recipe there is a depth of flavour and lusciousness and not too heavy on the sugar either ! I used a mixture of berries ready in the garden but also used frozen blackberries.  Frozen fruit works well.


In a medium saucepan place the sugar, cordial, orange juice, zest and water.  Dissolve over a low heat until the sugar has dissolved then add the Morello cherries, the jam and all the berries apart from the very soft raspberries and strawberries.  Bring to the boil, simmer for a couple of minutes until just soft – take off the heat then add the strawberries and raspberries, stir and leave to one side.

Line the loaf tin with one large piece of plastic (I use the liner from a breakfast cereal packet ), allowing it to overlap the edges.  Use a rolling pin to flatten the bread a little then line the tin making sure there are no gaps.  Pile the fruit mixture into the tin, squashing it down as you go. Reserve a few tbsp of the juice for patching up later and to serve alongside. Cover with bread, fold over the plastic then place the second tin over the top and weigh down with weights from kitchen scales.

Place in the fridge on a plate and leave for 12 hours or overnight.

When ready to serve – remove the weights etc and upturn on an oblong plate, pour juice over any white bits and serve garnished with fresh berries with crème fraiche or double cream.

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