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A week when I have been forced out of my kitchen

I have not until now left my blog post writing until Monday evening.  I nearly thought of giving it a miss but then thought there may be just one reader out there, somewhere, tapping their fingers waiting for my blog post to arrive.  Haha – that’s a thought !

What have I done since my last communication ?  Have I been dashing down to London, appearing in front of some large crowd at a food show, judging summer baking shows – no – none of that.  I have been decorating the kitchen.  Well, not me exactly.  In fact, not me at all.  Years ago I used to do my own decorating but there comes a time in life when certain jobs are best left to the experts.

However, there is a frustration and feeling of being totally disabled when one’s “workshop” is out of action.  This feeling has been with me for the last two weeks and now thankfully as of today all is again well with the world.

How is it that when the decision to decorate just one room – the whole house is affected ?  Kitchens particularly, and mine especially has so much to decant before any decorating can be considered.  Books, pictures, tools, kitchen appliances and television were off loaded into separate rooms before curtains, blinds and light fittings had to be taken down and cleaned.  By the way I don’t fry in my kitchen – I do all my frying outside yet grease still collects on curtain poles and cupboard tops.  Actually writing this makes my kitchen sound filthy – I think probably it was though I do pride myself on a clean and tidy house.

Also when decorating is in progress meals suffer as does the baking.  I still managed to bake though and my recipe this time has to be the easiest of all bakes – the brownie.  I would say the most time consuming and difficult task when making a brownie is the lining of the tin.  Everything else is ultra simple.  So, if you are a little unsure about your skillset or want to get the children involved this recipe is for you.

So, with a tidy, fresh, clean kitchen from today I can get my sleeves rolled up and embark on more complex duties.  I have a two tier celebration cake this week then an early start on Friday morning for  two days in the capital.  I will be working with Virbac UK – veterinary pharmaceuticals as part of a team building day and am so looking forward to meeting this group of professionals and have a great baking day planned with them.

By the way if there are any gardeners reading – everything is flourishing including the weeds apart from parsnips.  Anyone else had problems with them ?  I cannot believe it.  Just three little seedlings have germinated out of a whole row.  Very disappointing.  I know to use fresh seed every year so something else must be the reason.  Sadly – that’s life.

Talk soon x

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