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A Day with Love Food Hate Waste

Sunday night and on the train to London. Don't you just love people watching ?  Where do they live – where are they going or where have they been ?  There's a sort of professorial looking gentleman opposite with a larger than usual laptop and he is busy tapping away. Maybe he is an author writing a spy thriller or a top company executive composing some high level business deal or he may simply be writing his shopping list for Tesco.  To my right is a huge fellow who passes the two hour journey watching a film on his iPad and so far he has had sandwiches, crisps, coke, coffee and he has just ripped open a family bag of Smarties. Love it ! – he's completely oblivious to his surroundings and happily at his own mobile cinema.

Bake Off this week I thought was great. I adored Mat's ornate pie mould and have started to search for one. I remember my grandmother had something very similar – it's a pity we don't embrace more when we are young and ask more questions. There are so many things I would like answers to but sadly that opportunity is long since passed.

On the subject of the Victorian era in the market town where I live there is a Victorian school which has been restored to its former glory and reopened as a museum. I took two of my grandchildren there during the school holidays. I remember entering the main classroom and being taken aback because it resembled almost exactly the classroom I remember at my junior school.  There was the teacher's desk next to the open fire then the children's single desks in evenly spaced rows. I remember clearly going to sit my 11+ and the caretaker going from desk to desk filling up the ink wells from a huge can with rubber tube attached. The classroom had tall ceilings with windows right at the very top and these could only be opened with a long metal rod. Was this so that children couldn't be distracted and see the outside world or was it so that the teachers then had available wall space for displaying children's work – not sure !   My grandchildren were intrigued by the blackboard and chalks and the range of exercise books.  When I was at school it was a requirement that books were covered to protect them. I used to cover mine with wallpaper whilst the well to do used brown paper !

I will arrive into London before long and head off to my hotel then straight to bed. Got an early start tomorrow. My passion and enthusiasm for baking and cooking is well known,  but I also have another passion that of growing my own food and as such I am very excited to be at the "Pop up" event at Borough Market with Love Food Hate Waste !  I am absolutely thrilled to be fronting the campaign tomorrow. The theme for the day is "Use your Loaf"

I hold strong views about waste and it seems to me that there are too many people in Britain who treat food as just another cheap throw away commodity when in fact food should be our most valued purchase.

Keep an eye on Twitter – I am sure there will be more information soon.

Have a good week my friends xxx


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