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Another GBBO anniversary and get together

Hi readers .  Two weeks have passed since I last wrote anything on my blog and in that time I have done a couple of talks and started work on a cake I have been asked to make.

Last week was my birthday and I have to say I am not as excited about birthdays as I used to be many years ago.  Anyone reading who is of my vintage will agree the years seem to march on quicker now than they ever used to.  I am not complaining just delighted to be fit and well and having lots to do.

Today is Sunday and tonight will be my first night in since last Monday.  I have a better social life now than when I was younger though I have to say birthday celebrations were the reason for my gallivanting this week.  I don’t have a life like that all the time – I would be on my knees.  I am looking forward to getting my feet up and a night in front of the telly if I’m honest.  How did we ever manage before “catch up” and “I player” ?  Oh I remember, we had a Betamax video recorder !  Back in the 70s when video recorders first came onto the market you had a choice between a Betamax or a VHS.  Now me being a Yorkshire lass I went for the cheapest option – the Betamax and guess what?  they soon became obsolete and all video tapes and recorders available thereafter were VHS. 

There is a saying “I am not rich enough to buy cheap goods !” – once you get your head around that one it makes absolute sense.

Back to the present – I promised I would share a recipe each blog post and as you know I try to keep to the seasons and as I grow most of my fruit and vegetables, now is the time when there is an abundance of prime rhubarb.  Harvest it now before the stalks get thick and green and a bit tough.  Recently I have made rhubarb preserve, rhubarb crumbles, tarts, jellies and cakes.  This little recipe however is a real winner and is straight forward.  If you are worried about pastry making you can either buy ready made or even (dare I say ) buy a pre baked pastry case and then ensure you have some success with this tart.

Readers and followers on social medial regularly ask me for recipes but obviously I am unable to share everything I write because you wouldn’t need to buy my book when it comes out so I try and gauge what I think might be interesting, obviously tasty, seasonal and visually appealing.

Talking of books – I was in London last week as a guest of my baking buddy Chetna who was celebrating the launch of her first book The Cardamom Trail.  It was fun to catch up with my baking group again and I am so pleased we stay in touch.  I think it is amazing that I can leave my house in North Lincolnshire at midday, catch the train at nearby Brough and be in London for 3pm – smashing service Hull Trains.  We then left London at 8.30pm, caught the train and were able to walk back into the house at 10.50pm !

I think the forecasters are predicting another chilly week so I am still holding back on my seed sowing.  So many years I have been fooled into thinking the weather is warm enough and then plant away only to find the seeds end up rotting in the ground as the soil is too cold.  Be patient !

Until next time readers – x

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