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Good morning readers.  Its Sunday and the sun is glorious and my plan is to plant my potatoes today.  I had an old neighbour years ago who used to tell me that if the soil felt warm when you sat down on it with a bare bottom then it is time to plant potatoes.  I tend to use my hand to test the warmth and I have to say and it hasn’t failed me yet.

My regular readers (and I was absolutely delighted to hear from my little fan club who read my blog every week !) will know that I now write every two weeks.  This is not because I lack material because I can always think of something to write about – it is more due to the fact that my diary is filling up and obviously demonstrations, talks, cake commissions etc take time to plan.  When I worked in management I used to believe that two thirds went into planning and one third into execution – I still maintain that is the case.

This week is a busy one.  Yesterday I was guest speaker at the Annual Federation Conference of the Lincolnshire WI.  This was held in Grimsby and what a huge crowd awaited me there.  I have discovered I can make people laugh (probably stems from the fact I was always the class clown at school) and it really makes everything worthwhile when an audience roars in all the right places.  I have another talk on Thursday this week to a local group from Burton in Stather – a sell out I understand !  (only 100 places though).

Although spring is certainly in the air the ground is still very wet underfoot,  in Lincolnshire at any rate.  Last weekend a friend of ours celebrated his birthday and what a great idea for a get together.  He invited his friends – 50 in total on a country walk followed by Sunday lunch.  This was a fabulous idea.  The plan was that we would meet at a car park a few miles away at 10.30am.   I thought we would walk for about two hours maximum and then stop for lunch.  Oh no – not that simple.  We walked from 10.30am to 3pm ! – then stopped for lunch.

I joined the group, many of whom I didn’t know.  However, that is the beauty of my involvement in Bake Off because people tell me they think they know me so the ice is immediately broken and everyone is friendly with many questions to ask.

Anyway, back to the walk.  I hadn’t bargained for the mud.  This was proper sloppy mud a bit like fresh cream whipped to soft peaks !  At least two people fell flat on their backs and fortunately no injuries just lots of laughs and filthy clothes.  At the end of the walk we got back into our cars and went to the restaurant for a hearty Sunday roast.  When we arrived at the restaurant everyone had a change of clothes except me !  I walked in with muddy, filthy trousers, hair dishevelled though I had changed my shoes.  Not to worry though – I was too hungry and tired to be bothered.

I consider this a great idea for a birthday celebration especially if you love the outdoors as I do.  You can move amongst people as you walk whilst enjoying the countryside and fresh air.  I think I might copy the idea.

I promised when I changed to a two weekly blog that I would include a recipe each time.  I have decided to share my recipe for my little Raspberry and Limoncello cream cakes.  I made these last week mainly for a friend as a birthday gift – they looked delightful in a little cup cake presentation box and then as they were popular on social medial thought I would offer the recipe out to you.  Take a little time with the decoration and they look delightful.

Right – out into the garden now to test the soil !!!

Enjoy your week or should I say weeks until I write again x



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