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Baking Bread at the Cake and Bake Show

I must be an idiot !  Sunday morning, beautiful sunshine, no wind, trees colouring red, gold and amber during this current dry spell  so I need to embrace the outdoors and go for a bike ride.  I have “all the gear and no idea”, by the way.

I am dressed appropriately, cycling shorts, helmet, figure hugging jacket and clear glasses but the problem is –  it is some time since I got on the bike.  I set off about 9.30am and the beauty of North Lincolnshire and the town where I live is that within five minutes or so you are well into the countryside and of course it is reasonably flat.  What I didn’t bargain for was I found myself on the route of a cycle race !

As I looked the part, I think it was assumed I was a participant.  There were a few onlookers waving me on and one chap stopped his car rather than pass me probably for two reasons.  One, I was going so slowly I looked as though I might fall off if a slight gust of air hit me and two, he probably couldn’t drive for laughing.

I escaped into the first road that I came to which took me off the cycle race track. The route eventually went homeward bound and am now absolutely knackered ! (excuse the language but couldn’t find a more appropriate adjective). However, I do feel pleased with myself that I cycled 30 Kilometres

I just cannot believe the Bake Off final is upon us again.  I really have no idea who will be the winner but I think that is just how it should be.  I demonstrated at the Cake and Bake Show in London on Friday and I asked the audience who they thought will win and after a show of hands – Nadiya is certainly the favourite.

On the subject of the Cake and Bake Show – what a brilliant day I had.  In fact the whole team both  back stage and audiences were first class.  I would like to thank Alan and the home economists, Andrew the compere and everyone else involved who made the demonstrations straightforward.  The Cake and Bake show has teamed up with Bake Off and this year seemed enormous, in fact I got lost twice walking around the many trade stands (although that is quite easy for me).

I demonstrated two recipes I did on Bake Off, namely my Full English Stromboli and a Tiger Loaf.  I didn’t bake a Tiger Loaf on bake off but I did make crusty rye rolls if you remember and they used a similar topping.

After the demo I had a huge “hands up” from the audience saying they wanted to try the Tiger bread.  I promised I would share the recipe so here is the link.

I believe I am booked for the Cake and Bake Show in Manchester in November  which will be a great one to look forward to.

Whilst I am busy typing away now – come 4.30pm this afternoon I will have a cuppa and a piece of cake ready to watch on BBC 1 – the class of 2014.  I love Sunday night on the television and this week it will start early.

That’s all folks – thank you so much to my readers.  I have absolutely no idea how many there are but I enjoy writing anyway.  Oohh – my back hurts.  Bike ride – I am an idiot .

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