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Christmas reunion with the 2014 Bakers

This week's blog is a Christmassy one – I think I have to start getting serious about it. Christmas trees are being decorated and the festive songs on the radio. I have to say on the subject of Christmas songs they all are from years gone by starting in the 1970s. I recall we used to have a Christmas No 1 every year which then went on to become one of our evergreens today. Does this still happen ? – if it does then I'm missing it.

I haven't finished the Christmas shopping but not far off. I made some lovely little festive cupcakes last week and tweeted a photo. The response to them was lovely so I will share the recipe. Here is the link. Have a go !

This weekend was a real winner. Have I ever mentioned that we grow our own Christmas trees ? I think I have. It's not a grand forest or anything just a piece of garden that we planted a few years ago to save having to cultivate it. The trees are a good size now so this weekend the grandchildren came over to choose their tree then it was dug up and taken away for them to enjoy. Great memories !

Another memory will stay with me and that was a wonderful Christmas meal with my baker friends on Saturday night. Everybody was there with their partners except for poor Luis who was working and Norman who lives North of Aberdeen. However, living in  North Lincolnshire is not prohibitive – we took the train to London Saturday afternoon and came back in the evening. What a great service only just over 2 hours to London !

One of the bakers had organised a private room in Otto's restaurant on Grays Inn Road and the food, chatter, service and fun were priceless. It was a memorable night indeed !  It is so nice that we all keep in contact with each other almost on a daily basis and that when we meet up it is like were still in the tent!!

We organise a Secret Santa and I was given Martha to buy for. She always used an ice cream scoop to measure and then fill her cupcakes, I bought her a selection and was so pleased she liked them. Iain was given me to buy for ! – what did I get ? A nude photo of him with a ladder concealing the awkward bits !! It was a copy magazine photo he had had taken for a charity I think. Thanks Iain x hilarious ! 

Crikey – I've written lots this week. Have a stress free week x

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