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Time to start thinking about Christmas

Sunday evening again ! Fire going, Countryfile on the TV and feeling a warm glow following my demonstration today at BBC Good Food Show in Birmingham. I did two demonstrations and a half hour talk at the NEC.  What a vast space the NEC is ! I was shown to the green room then got lost on my way to the stage ! – that however is a problem I have with geography and nothing to do with the organisation at the show !

Another point – I always wear the same clothes when demonstrating. Black jeans, white tee shirt and yellow apron. Don't know why but now it's almost my working uniform and I have to say makes deciding what to wear a "no brainer". There is such a lot to think about when preparing for a show that having the wardrobe sorted out us one less thing to think about.

If any audience members are reading. What a smiley crowd you were. I remember a year ago, almost to the day, being invited on stage in Grimsby by the male judge (Paul H). I was overwhelmed by the number of people with their eyes fixed on me. I asked Paul at the time where I should look and he suggested to me that I pick out a few smiley faces and focus on them. I have used his pearls of advice since. However, today EVERYONE had a smiley face and I thank you all !

I made a Sage and Onion tart which I promise you is very tasty indeed. It freezes well too. I promised at the show to share this recipe with my blog so here is the link.

I like to serve it warm with salad and a few chips. Expensive ? – no way. I reckon it costs about £1 to make and serves 8. Have a go. Don't be put off by onion because once caramelised with a little mace and ground cloves the flavour is amazing.

This week I must give some thought to Christmas – have done some shopping but not much. Have a good week – eek its December on Tuesday !!!

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