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February’s weather can change in an instant

Happy St Valentines Day readers !

Certainly today in North Lincolnshire the weather has given three seasons in one day.  We woke up to a beautiful spring like morning, not a cloud in the sky, no wind and a dazzling sunshine.  I decided today was to be the day for a long walk – long being about two and a half to three hours.  So, 9.30am saw me booted up, warm coat, hat and gloves and with husband and two dogs in tow we started off on what was to become a journey which threw all the elements at us. 

The calm conditions at the start were soon replaced by a howling wind from the east followed by hail which pricked like needles on an already cold face.  The sky lit up again and the sun shone only to be replaced by menacing, blue grey clouds from the north which exploded into a blizzard of a snow storm covering black dogs in a white icy coat.

I have read that it is not the weather but the clothes that you wear and that is so true.  We wore the appropriate clothing so in fact the walk was amazing and today has turned out to be a perfect Sunday.

We got back home and then settled down in front of a warm fire – dogs almost unconscious with tiredness, glass of red wine, Sunday papers and a chicken roasting in the oven – perfect !

I always have a memory of St Valentines Day.  I recall walking home from work many many years ago perhaps when I was about 20 thinking that it was now daylight  at 5pm.  It is funny how certain things stick with you.  I always now think that by St Valentines Day we can be sure it is still daylight at 5pm and by the time we change the clocks at the end of March it will be still light at 6.30pm.

For me St Valentine’s Day hasn’t been taken that seriously apart from when the children were teenagers.  Unbeknown to them I sent them each a valentines card each year bearing only a question mark written in “kisses”.  They always thought they had secret admirers and didn’t realise it was me (they do now).

Interestingly, the feast of St Valentine has since the 14th Century been a Christian day of celebration of love and affection.  Keys used to be given as gifts (to unlock a heart) and then in the 18th Century  presents of confectionary, cards and flowers became fashionable as they still are today.

I think it is a worthwhile day to celebrate and should bring out the best in all of us.

I made a very simple St Valentine Cherry Chocolate traybake this week which I think is really quite delicious and can be decorated any way you wish.  24 little pink fondant hearts hit the spot this weekend and went down well with a cup of tea.

Follow the link here and have a go – why not decorate a square with mini chocolate eggs and make some at Easter. d

Have a good week x



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