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Holiday Time

Hi readers – long time no speak !  Seriously not wanting to show off but I am writing this blog post on the beach. White lace edged sea frills from thin silent waves spreading themselves over the wet sand. Writing this time is a memory for me so that I can try to bring myself back here via my words when, back at home it's cold and dark outside and the fire has to do its work to keep me warm instead of this beautiful Caribbean sunshine. 

I've had a two week holiday in Barbados with the family – 18 of us in all. 10 adults and 8 grandchildren. It has taken a long time to save up for but the fantastic memories I will always cherish. 

It's Monday morning here and mid afternoon in the UK. I'll be leaving very soon with much more than I came with. I am returning with lots of cooking and baking inspiration from this beautiful island. I discovered the grapefruit originated here and my latest "must have" is banana bread. I've tweaked my recipe after chatting to my namesake "Nancy" and am happy to share this delicious moist cake.

Nancy and her husband Tim (can you seriously believe that coincidence !!) have had a bar/restaurant in a pastel painted chattel house on Barbados for the past 30 years.  We all piled in there one night and she fed us freshly caught fish, salad, chicken, rice, bajan curry followed by ice cream and cake. Barbados rum and coke was ordered by two of the men and they were given two glasses, a half bottle of rum, two cokes and a bucket of ice !!  – hilarious !

Life is about experiences and taking the best from each day. Holidays are great for simplifying what is going on around us. A good read, learning about other ways of life and simply having "time" are all ingredients for great wellbeing.

I've had a gorgeous couple of weeks and am due to hit the tarmac very soon. I start work again Wednesday with an event at Manchester Airport !!  Pity it's not to jet away again !! Talk soon and try the banana bread !!

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