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Christmas is just around the corner

Hi readers ! – the weeks do roll on don’t they ?  Been back from my holidays almost two weeks and it seems months ago.  Whilst I was away the clocks changed of course and so on my return we seemed to have jumped into winter very quickly.  Having said all that I do actually love our seasons and the start of winter and the run up to Christmas is magical.


Have you started on your Christmas preparations yet ?  I have bought a few gifts but that’s all.   It’s still not too late to make your Christmas cake and my very easy no fuss recipe is attached this week if you want to make your own.  Have you thought also that mini Christmas cakes make excellent presents ?  My recipe makes 9 small cakes or 1 x 9inch large cake.

I saw a small 4 inch Christmas cake nicely decorated and cellophane wrapped for £5.99 at a Christmas Market last year.  For not much more than that you can make nine and it is more satisfying knowing you have made them yourself.


Even though Christmas is still some six weeks or so away there was certainly plenty of Christmas spirit and atmosphere at the Cake and Bake Show Manchester yesterday.  The crowds were huge and my audiences were amazing.  A particular attraction for everyone was the first live introduction to this year’s Bake Off contestants. I personally had the pleasure of meeting Tom, Andrew, Jane and winner Candice – they are all lovely !

It is amazing that television has that ability to have done away with all the introductions.  Immediately I saw them and they saw me – it was as though we had known each other a long time and had just met up again !


This year at the Cake and Bake Show a new “feature” had been introduced.  It was called a “Slice of Advice”.   For me, I had an hour in which I sat on a comfy sofa and met people who either wanted to discuss a problem, talk about Bake Off or just come along and have an autograph or a “selfie” !

What particularly impressed me was the number of children who patiently queued to come and talk to me, discuss their bakes, show me their bakes and generally be thrilled to just have a chat.


I am absolutely delighted to see that youngsters, boys and girls have got the baking bug.  One young man, Thomas, aged just 12 years told me he makes birthday cakes regularly and is planning a wedding cake !  I asked Thomas to remember me when he is famous !!!


I had a wonderful time yesterday in Manchester and will be heading over there again at the end of this week for our annual Bakers’ Christmas get together.  It is wonderful that after more than two years Series 5 still meet, chat and socialise.  I imagine there will be a number of photographs hitting the social media platform next weekend !


In the meantime I know this blog post is short and sweet but I have a cake in the oven –  talk soon xx

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