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Longer days and much to do

Here I am now, Sunday evening, Easter Day feeling pleasantly relaxed and tired with computer on knee typing away.  Church this morning, cooking for a crowd this afternoon then family meal – perfect day.

Family have left now, grand kids will be in bed exhausted no doubt.  It has been a lovely day – the sun shone and the Easter egg hunt was successful.  This year with the grandchildren, now they can all read (bar one who is only 2 !) I devised written clues which had them chasing all over the garden.  Thankfully no tears as everyone was given a different clue and sent to a different part of the garden.  My early problem was as I was out in the afternoon hiding the eggs, the dog kept finding them and bringing them inside.  In the end she had to stay in the house until the official start time.

We ate our last turkey.  She has been sitting patiently in the freezer since Christmas and she fed all 17 and then I will use the carcass for soup tomorrow.  I have a favourite stuffing recipe which I use at Christmas and Easter and I will share it with you – I think it is delicious.

It has been and continues to be busy for me which is great.  Milton Keynes XScape yesterday demonstrating.  I met some lovely people.  I realise I love to see smiley faces and enjoy sharing my bakes with interested crowds young and old. I thank each and everyone of you for standing through each demo – one lady in particular I know would have loved to sit down !  On Tuesday next week I am working with BBC Good Food Magazine and then (can’t actually believe this !) I – (yes me) am a guest of Brian Turner’s at the BBC Good Food Show in Harrogate on Friday.  He is real talent and can’t believe I have an opportunity to work with him – yippee !!!  We are doing a joint demo

If you are a gardener and grow your own vegetables but like me really don’t like to spend lots of time pricking out seedlings then this is a bit of a shortcut which works well for cauliflower, cabbages, sprouts and broccoli.

The seeds are quite manageable (you know not that small that you lose them in the creases of your hands !) and so I sow 3 to a pot.  I normally need about 12 plants of each so there is absolutely no need to sow a seed tray full.  When the seeds have germinated in the greenhouse and I have a second set of leaves (see photo) I then use a pair of scissors and cut down to soil level the weaker plants and leave just the strong one to grow on, undisturbed with the pot to itself.  When the plant is stronger and larger it will be planted outside to its final position.

This may be a lazy way but for home growing it is great.  I don’t have to prick out and also the plant doesn’t have to be disturbed so it’s a “win-win” !    

Lets hope the sun shines on all of us and we will chat again next week !!    

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