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My First Blog!

Who would have ever thought Nancy, aged 60, originally from Hull would win The Great British Bake Off in 2014 – certainly not me or probably anyone that knows me !

This time last year I recall waiting to hear whether I was to be a contestant.  I believe 16,000 had applied.  I had already been through a number of auditions and I knew I was one of the last 14 but only 12 were required.  That was a difficult time – a sort of one foot on the accelerator and one foot on the brake situation.

I found out I was on the show mid March – filming started at the end of the April to the end of June and obviously if you watched Bake Off – you know the rest.

8th October 2014 the Final was shown on BBC1 and I believe 13 million or so tuned in.  That is a sobering thought.  I watch Hull City play at the KC stadium in front of around 25,000 fans and that seems an awful lot of people.  13 million is unimaginable.

Has life changed since then ? – yes of course but also no..

Yes in that I am writing this blog for one thing and I am sometimes recognised when I am out and about.  I have done some very exciting things and met some great people. 

…and no life hasn’t changed either.  I still clean my kitchen every morning before I start to work In it, I still go shopping around town on my bike and my kids still make fun of me !

I think my blog format will be that I will share with you my account of what I consider to be some of my adventures since my achievement  and I will write a short current update each week.  Even if I haven’t been anywhere exciting there will be a few gardening tips, baking and cooking tips and even a recipe or two so keep tuned in !

My website providers Panda Splash will be instructing me this week how to upload my blog and then we will be rocking !

Just today (Monday 2nd March) I have done my first ever “Twitter chat” organised by PBS in the States. Bake Off or “The best baking show” as it is known over the pond was aired from Christmas and the final was last Sunday evening.  That was the quickest hour of live chat – and isn’t technology  amazing  ? I can have live dialogue with people so far away. Crazy !

I will try to include a recipe from time to time and I made this one today.

People have told me that I have inspired them to start baking.  My recipe for minty chocolate traybake is for you and can be found on my dedicated recipe page –  It is absolutely so easy the important thing is the right size of tin.  This is a traybake and will make 24 pieces so is great for children.  It will freeze if there is too much for one go but will keep for up to a week in a tin.

I will close now for this week – don’t want you to get bored.  Talk again next week.  Nancy

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