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Public and After Dinner Speaking is a skill I have developed

Good evening readers- its Sunday and I sincerely hope you have had a good weekend..  Apparently it is exactly two years ago that  the bakers’ names were announced by the media and things started “hotting up” in the run up to Bake Off.

When I won I decided to have a bash at most invitations and to then decide which events I enjoyed the most.  The invitations included all sorts of things from judging, demonstrating, opening events, teaching, visiting schools – I even opened an optician’s premises.  I have also been invited to perform public talks and after dinner speeches.

Public speaking I find is really enjoyable and particularly rewarding.  I think after the number I have done now, which are in double figures, I have grown in confidence and I realise I can entertain an audience.  My most recent after dinner speech booking was earlier this week in aid of our local hospice.

We had a sell out of well over 100 and I have to say I was a little daunted when I recognised people who had certainly been present in my audiences in the past.  I remember thinking – “they’ve heard it all before”.  However, I don’t use notes so although there is a thread of a story – the detail is not going to be the same.  In fact the feedback from people there that were my “regulars” was that the talk was much funnier this time.

I have to say I know when the audience are engaged.  People have a sparkle in their eyes and a smile on their faces and my eyelash story had them in pleats of laughter.  If anyone in the audience happens to be reading – thanks to you – great crowd and you all laughed in exactly the right places !

My next public speaking event will be aboard The Braemar  with Fred Olsen Cruises and I am looking forward so much to it.  I have never been on a cruise before so feel very excited and honoured to have been invited to speak and demonstrate to the other passengers.

Any regular readers or followers on social medial will know I post pictures all the time usually of my baking and cooking – rarely of me !   I am a real addict now and wonder what I did before Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  I shared a photograph of Banana and Walnut slices last week.  I was pleased and quite surprised at the response and the number of requests for the recipe.

I thought about it and considered saving this one for publishing but then thought you have all been so nice I’ll gift it to you !  So here it is ..  – let me know if you make it.

Have a good week – hope the sun continues to shine x

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