Freezer Jam

  This is simply fantastic. Summer strawberries, fresh in flavour to be enjoyed all the year round.  I have used honey as a sweetener. As there is no boiling of sugar this jam is slightly thinner in consistency than standard jam yet tastes amazing. Serve with scones, breakfast, alongside desserts, on ice cream, rice pudding – lots of options !!!


Place the strawberries in a roomy bowl then use a potato masher to break them down to a pulp. Don’t over do it – you still want some good strawberry lumps.

In a small saucepan place the lemon and orange zests, honey and juices from the two fruits along with 200g of the strawberry pulp. Place over a moderate heat, stirring all the time then bring to a fast boil and bubble away for just 3 minutes stirring regularly.  The mixture will thicken considerably, make sure it doesn’t burn!

Take off the heat and add to the remainder of the strawberry puree I the bowl. Stir in the vanilla and cinnamon.  Give a good stir then transfer to three clean jars with screw top lids or plastic containers if you prefer.

Do not fill to the top of the jar – allow some headroom as the jam will expand as it freezes.

This jam will freeze for one year. When ready to use, take from the freezer, thaw overnight in the fridge and then it will keep for at least a week.

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