Choco Mint Cake

Rather than reach for the peppermint extract the finely chopped leaves for either garden mint or peppermint give a natural hint of mint to this delicious chocolate cake.


Preheat the oven to 190 degrees centigrade


To make the cake:

Cream together the butter and sugar until light and fluffy then add the eggs one at a time whisking well between each addition.  Add the self raising flour and ground almonds and fold in with a spoon. Finally add the vanilla, treacle (or syrup), the cocoa mixed with milk and the cool melted chocolate. Mix well together then add the mint leaves.

Once thoroughly mixed transfer to the prepared tin and bake for 18-20 minutes or until the centre of the cake feels firm to the touch.  To achieve a flat top to the cake wrap a strip of aluminium foil around the outside edge of the tin. This will diffuse the heat so that the cake bakes evenly.

Leave the cake to cool completely in the tin.


To make the chocolate topping.

Place the chocolate chips, butter, water in a microwave proof jug and heat in 20 second bursts, stirring well between each session until the chocolate and butter have dissolved.  Don’t overdo the microwave – the chocolate needs to be just melting. Stir well until everything is well incorporated, the sauce is smooth, dark and shiny.

Pour the chocolate over the cool cake, tilting from side to side until the whole top is covered and smooth. Leave to set.

To mix the green (minty stripes) place the icing sugar, green food colour and peppermint extract in a small bowl and add sufficient water to make a thick smooth icing. When the chocolate has set drizzle the icing over using a piping bag and nozzle or just a spoon.

Pop the finished cake into the freezer for just 10 minutes to firm up. This makes the cutting into slices neat and clean looking. Cut into 12 pieces.

This cake freezes well.

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