don’t think I know anyone that doesn’t love pancakes yet I tend to only make them once a year unlike the French whose crepes can be found on many a menu any time. I have to say I have had many a rubbery pancake which has been too thick and quite unpleasant. My recipe introduces a little melted butter into the batter which enhances the flavour and also helps to prevent sticking.


In a roomy mixing bowl place the flour and salt then make a well in the middle. Crack one egg into the well and with a fork stir briskly, bringing in the flour just gradually as you go.  Repeat with the other egg.  By mixing in this way you will avoid lumps.  When the eggs have been incorporated and you have a thick craggy mixture, start to add the milk a little at a time until the mixture has fully loosened then add the rest of the milk.

In a small saucepan melt the butter then allow it to foam and just at the point it starts to brown, take off the heat and pour into your bowl of batter.

Mix well then leave to stand until you are ready to start cooking.

In a frying pan add about 1 tsp vegetable oil when it is really hot pop in a measure of batter. Your first pancake will always be a trial one to understand the heat of the pan, the amount of mixture and the cooking time.  Your mixture should just reach the edges of the pan and not have a puddle left in the middle, similarly, if you don’t put enough into the pan then you will not have enough mixture to reach the sides and you will fail to achieve a round pancake.  Once the batter starts to frill around the edges then one side will be sufficiently cooked.

About 30 seconds each side should be sufficient time to have a golden brown delicious looking pancake. Toss over if you have the confidence but I have had too many disasters to bother.

Pancakes will keep warm if popped onto a warm plate then covered with a tea towel between each frying.

Serve with sugar and lemon juice, golden syrup, or a savoury filling if you prefer.

For me I like them served with fresh fruit and maple syrup with a zesting of lemon.

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