Salmon Fish Cakes

These no fuss fish cakes are quick and easy but need to be prepared an hour or two before cooking in order to firm up.  


Place all the ingredients apart from the potato into the bowl of a food processor and blitz to a course paste. Stir everything into the mashed potato with a fork.  Season well.

Lay a piece of plastic (a freezer bag cut down one side and across the bottom)  on the worktop then spoon the mixture into the centre.

Use the plastic and wrap it around the filling forming a sausage then roll along the worktop, holding the ends so that the wrap tightens around the filling.  When the filling inside is firm and the plastic sausage really tight, fold the ends under and pop it into the freezer for about 2 hours until the filling is firm but not so hard that it is impossible to slice.

Remove the plastic then slice into 8 even pieces, about 1.5cm thick.   Wash the plastic sheet, dry and keep for next time.

Dip the fish cakes into beaten egg first and then breadcrumbs, place on a large plate then chill until ready to fry.

In a large frying pan heat vegetable or sunflower oil until smoking hot then fry three cakes at a time for three minutes each side.  Turn each one only once – don’t be tempted to keep flipping them over.   Drain on kitchen paper and keep warm.  Serve with a green vegetable.

TIP : Use fresh fish (not prefrozen) and once formed, dipped in egg and breadcrumbs these fishcakes can be frozen and fried from frozen.

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