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A Surprise Meeting with Olympic Champions

Well readers – what a whirlwind fortnight it has been.  I could give you a blow by blow account of  “I’ve done this and done that” – but if we were sitting in a room and I was going on about what I have done over the last fortnight – yawn, yawn, yawn. 

However, I am busting to tell you about meeting some members of Team GB !  For those who don’t watch morning TV – I was invited onto BBC Breakfast last week to talk Bake Off as it had aired the previous evening. 

I needed to stay in Media City, Salford the night before but the next morning got up bright and early and went down to breakfast in the very lovely Holiday Inn.  In the dining room I spotted a handsome young chap with a smiley face.  He looked familiar but I couldn’t place him.  We exchanged a sort of knowing smile.

After breakfast I headed over to Quay House, was directed to the Green Room and there he was again !  This time I recognised exactly who he was – the amazing Adam Peaty – Olympic Champion, Rio 2016 – 100m breast stroke gold medallist.

I immediately apologised for not being able to put a face to a name earlier and blamed it on my age. He was, I thought, the most unassuming, pleasant and genuine sort of chap – exactly the sort you would want your daughter to bring home !

He was an absolute delight to meet and didn’t mind at all having a photo with me and then to cap it all said he couldn’t even begin to know how to set about making my cakes.  (I had taken along some of my Jaffa Orange Cakes from my Week 1).  I explained to him it is all relative – I don’t like getting my face wet – so there you go.

There were the hockey team gold medallists there too and thank you Kate (Richardson-Walsh) for the loan of your prize.   I held a gold medal, wore a gold medal and had photos with the team and the gold medal.  An absolutely brilliant morning.

Back to Bake Off and as I write we are just two episodes in.  I have absolutely no idea who will emerge triumphant at this early stage.

I am delighted also that the behind the scenes Bake Off team have asked me to write my top tips each week to coincide with the theme.  My cake tips and biscuit tips are uploaded already onto their website and I have been really delighted with the responses on social media.

Next week is bread so look out for my tips next Thursday.

Very soon the children go back to school kitted out with new shoes, uniform and pencil case – not to mention the haircut. 

I always think the beginning of September and Back to School feels a bit like the Sunday of summer.  The garden is starting to look a bit tired in places and the days are shorter.  On the plus side the autumn fruits are coming into their own and the apples and pears will be ripening offering lots of  cooking and baking inspiration.

Thinking about a recipe this time.  I demonstrated at Newstead Abbey last weekend to a huge crowd at the Good Food and Drink Show and one of my bakes was a low sugar and low fat Fig and Orange Garibaldi biscuit.  I will link this recipe to my blog this week especially as it is biscuit week on Bake Off.

Have a happy time and catch up soon x

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