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Happy Easter Everyone

Hooray ! the clocks have gone forward.  We can now look forward to the long days, balmy evenings and bright sunny mornings bellowing with birdsong.  However, Storm Katie arrives and instead we get a thorough soaking, some have had snow and many have suffered disruption due to the unforgiving winds.

By the way – Happy Easter everyone.  I had a busy day on Good Friday.  The family arrived (15 in all), exchanged Easter eggs and  then  we tucked into fish pie followed by a dessert choice of meringues,  frangipane tart or cheesecake.  The rest of the weekend has been spent in the garden.

I am writing this week’s blog post on Easter Monday morning.  The rain is relentless but the forecasters say things will improve this afternoon so before they do

 I decided firstly to get on my exercise bike for half an hour.  We bought this bike about two years ago.  I like to try to keep fit but was finding more and more that I becameoccupied in the kitchen and sometimes didn’t find the time it takes to go for a bike ride or a long walk so instead I do a quick half hour on the bike.  Now, this bike is quite high tech and can measure heart rate, speed, distance and calories used and can decide on a programme for you based on weight and age.  In a half hour workout I burn about 260 calories and cover seven miles.  I don’t know whether that is impressive or not only that I am on my knees at the end of it.

Whilst I am on the subject of me and exercise and in particular my exercise bike –  have I told you about the time I had just finished my thirty minute workout ? Just as I flopped off the bike the door bell rang.  I went to answer and two ladies were standing there and I think they were delivering leaflets or the like.  They took one look at me and immediately apologised for disturbing me as it was obvious I was not well !!  There you are then, the scene is set.  Although I try to keep fit I do find it hard but I tell myself it must be doing me good.  Only time will tell.

Back to today.  I had considered not writing a blog this week.  I thought it is the Easter break and people will be busy doing what they want to do and who will bother or have the time to read ?  Then, however, I felt guilty – it is this commitment thing I have you see.  Once I say I will do something then I do it, didn’t want to stand anyone up or let anyone down.  There may be no one out there that would miss me but maybe just one – I don’t know.

I have decided though that from now on I will write every two weeks.  I like to share a recipe when I write my blog post and by writing fortnightly I will be able to do that.  Does that sound ok to you ?

Enjoy the rest of your Easter break readers and catch up again in a fortnight.  I am going to have a go at a different sort of chocolate cake today – will let you know how it goes.  Need to recover from the exercise first though.

Take care x

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