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Rhubarb is one of my favourite plants

Everything in the garden, particularly the weeds must love May !  I spent a whole day digging out roots of cow parsley which had invaded part of our garden and I did tolerate them for a lot of years but instead of keeping to their place they decided to swallow up the crocus, lilies and forget-me-nots.  So, it has had to go but what a job it has been.  I even googled it to find out it is edible but I tasted a leaf and its not for me.

I have a fantastic crop of rhubarb and have a number of recipes which come out each year.  Try the recipe here for Rhubarb and custard jellies.  They sound basic but I promise you they are quite delicious because I include orange and ginger and the custard is a white chocolate pannecotta which balances the tartness of the fruit.

The recipe calls for fresh grated ginger – only ½ teaspoon but don’t despair- I have a little tip.  I buy a root of fresh ginger which lasts ages.  I put it in a plastic bag in the freezer then take it out, grate as much as I need then put it straight back.  It grates easily whilst frozen and if a recipe calls for chopped ginger, I usually grate it or take a piece from the frozen root, allow it to thaw then chop it.  Either way it works well – I do exactly the same with lemon grass.

All is otherwise well. Sorry the blog is brief this week but I have been away for a few days recharging the batteries before a very packed schedule over the next few weeks. On Tuesday I have been invited to Radio Leeds at 2pm for LIVE broadcasting – a sort of Desert Island Discs so have been choosing my favourite songs.

I will tell you all about this week’s adventures in my blog next week

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