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The Season For Country Shows

It’s the longest day today and it feels, as I am writing this blog, that it has been a very long day indeed.  I was up early and so went to the 8am Church service then came home, had breakfast, cleaned out chickens then got changed and took myself off to Brocklesby Country Fair for the day where I enjoyed a cake judging with Rachel Green – one of our local celebrity chefs, all in aid of Lindsey Lodge Hospice.  The sun shone, the crowds came and I was really impressed by all the attractions available – great family day out.

I then came home, baked, walked the dog, did a little weeding then settled down to write.  The long day light hours are great but they do keep me “on the go” until bedtime.

On the subject of cake judging – I must say it reminds me very much of my working days when I used to interview staff.   I remember years ago many a time being in the interviewee’s chair feeling very nervous and thinking the interviewer had the easy job.  However, later on in my working life I became the interviewer and realised how wrong I was. I must say that being the interviewer and a judge requires a certain skill with words so that the interviewee (or baker)  is not discouraged or disappointed but instead takes away words of correction and/or encouragement.

We had many cakes to judge and I hope my feedback to those bakers taking part will assist with future projects.  It was once said to me that you should treat criticism as a gift !

I certainly did in the Bake Off tent !

At the same time congratulations to the winner who made an amazing Victoria Sponge Cake – which – as I described at the show was so light you didn’t know you were eating it – well done Jan !

Following on from my gooseberry and elderflower recipe last week I decided to try to learn more about foraging.  Now, if anyone had suggested to me a year ago that I would be raking around the country lanes searching out wild, edible plants – I would have replied that probably I didn’t have enough to do and that I needed to “get a life”.  However, I am a bit hooked at the moment but wouldn’t go so far as roasting dandelion root or making a dock leaf soup but I am seriously going to have a go with a couple of seasonal goodies namely wild roses and  elderflowers !  I will keep you posted once I have had a proper think.

This week I’ve spent a day in London (Tuesday) discussing various projects with my agents Yellow Poppy then Wednesday talked about my year to a local WI group in Winteringham.  Lovely bunch of ladies that were brimming with questions.

Thursday – and cannot believe I am saying this but started to clear a room ready for decorating ! Absolutely detest being upside down but equally love re-arranging a room once it has been redecorated, smelling fresh and clean.

I notice on Twitter today that Marie Curie UK have published the recipe for the Chocolate and Vanilla Feather cake recipe I gave them some time ago.  I will put it on the website so that you can have a try.  It really is easy to make !

Have a great week – when will summer arrive ?

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