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What grows together goes together

Hi readers – after a busy three weeks as I previously mentioned I decided that this one would be a week of “at home” – doing the simple things.  Earlier on in the week I asked myself “What on earth shall I talk about in my blog this week as I won’t be doing anything ?”  I realise however that I am always doing something and this week, although it has been a stay at home one does contain a little bit of information – for the gardeners and cooks among us at any rate.

The weather has been glorious though still a bit chilly at times but I spent quite a bit of time on my veggie patch.  I have three specifics to mention on the subject of “home growing”. 

Firstly, when I looked at my onions – every single one had started to go to seed !   What happens when you look at the onion plant, in addition to the normal tall pointed green leaves there will be one rather long straight stem with a diamond shaped seed pod developing.  If left this will flower, then make seed and you will not get an onion.  If this has happened to any other grower amongst you there is a reason.  They have suffered a cold snap and the plant immediately goes into autumn mode and tries to reproduce before the winter.  All is not lost.  Take off the stem with the developing seed pod and either throw it away or in my case, waste not want not – I chopped it up and added it to a salad.  I will still get an onion but not as big a bulb as should have been and they will not store terribly well.

Secondly, after two successive sowings of parsnip – no result – and the reason – I was using last year’s seed !  I looked at one of my very old gardening books and it explains quite clearly that current year seed must always be used.  That is something I didn’t know but do now !  It works ok for beans, cabbages, beetroot etc but not parsnips !

Thirdly, if like me you are growing broad beans now is the time to pinch out the growing tips provided you have three sets of flowers on the plant.  My beans are about waist high, have the flowers in full bloom so I take out the tips and this helps to prevent black fly whilst encouraging the  plants to put all their energy into the production of beans !

The garden is really on full power at this time of the year and there is always a job but you can’t beat it in my opinion.  You can keep the gym, jogging and spinning – my garden gives me a full workout and you do see and eat the fruits of your labour.  Marvellous !

I noticed too that the gooseberries are filling out so I harvested a bowl full of the fattest berries.  Nature offers the best flavour combinations.  I firmly believe that what grows together goes together. Elderflowers are in full bloom just now and they are the perfect combo with gooseberries.  With this in mind I took the dog out for a well earned walk into the lanes along the Humber bank and came home with a bag of fresh flowers.  Give them a shake to remove any insects then cut off the flowers with a pair of scissors.  Elderflowers take the flavour of gooseberries to a new level and I urge you to try my Gooseberry and Elderflower Meringues – I hope you like them.

Mid June already – where does the time go.  Enjoy your week x

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