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13th May 2018

MENU PLANNER   I have invited friends over for the weekend and will be feeding ten people four courses and no stress whatsoever. I want to be available to meet and greet, have a drink, chat and quick catch-up before I sit them down thirty minutes after the last ones arrive. Here is my menu […]

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27th July 2017

A few tips for those of you thinking of looking after chickens

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My Year Long Challenge

27th January 2017

Coming soon. I am endeavouring to share with you some of my household tips and recipes.

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Such a Positive Feeling Around the North and South Bank of the Humber

15th January 2017

In the last 2 weeks I have experienced the fantastic spectacle of the opening week of Hull City of Culture and opened a wonderful new restaurant in the hospital at Grimsby

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Start 2017 with a Bang

1st January 2017

Come to Hull City of Culture we are having a party all year.

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12th December 2016

Christmas will soon be upon us but it is always tinged with a little sadness as our Turkeys will go to the butcher this week

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The Year of 2014 Bakers Meet Up Again

28th November 2016

What a fantastic time we all had when we met up in Manchester and you’ll never guess what. We all bake every day!!

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Christmas is just around the corner

14th November 2016

Mini Christmas cakes make lovely presents

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Holiday Time

1st November 2016

I love tasting the many flavours in the dishes of different cultures

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I Love Entertaining People

11th October 2016

One of the nicest consequences of winning Bake Off is that I meet so many lovely people.

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Amazing time at Extra Slice

21st September 2016

Treated so well with my own dressing room at the Extra Slice recording

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A Surprise Meeting with Olympic Champions

4th September 2016

I was invited to BBC Breakfast TV and was thrilled to meet several Olympic Champions.

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Bake off is Back

20th August 2016

I have just had a wonderful week on a Fred Olsen Cruise Ship ‘The Braemar’ demonstrating and talking to fellow passengers.

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Public and After Dinner Speaking is a skill I have developed

1st August 2016

This week I gave the After Dinner Speech at a charity luncheon in aid of our local Hospice.

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Great Expectations

18th July 2016

I spent the day at the filming of Antiques Roadshow for the BBC and I am always impressed by the knowledge of those who are experts in their field.

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Recharging batteries

5th July 2016

The tranquillity of France allows me time to relax and enjoy the local food

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The Queen’s Birthday Celebrations in London and my Local Town

19th June 2016

This week has seen me demonstrating baking to Veterinary personnel in London and cake judging in my local town

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A week when I have been forced out of my kitchen

7th June 2016

There is never an ideal time to decorate your kitchen!

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La vie est belle ! (Life’s just great !)

21st May 2016

My French life and the French language

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Walking in the lakes

9th May 2016

Last week I spent some time in the Lake District.

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Tour de Yorkshire

28th April 2016

A special blog post to highlight the culinary wonders of Yorkshire

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Another GBBO anniversary and get together

25th April 2016

It is 2 years since I and my fellow bakers entered ‘The Tent’ for the first week. Getting Star Baker that week was just the most exciting finish to my introduction to GBBO.

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The first of my fortnightly blog posts

10th April 2016

It is a week of giving talks which I enjoy.

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Happy Easter Everyone

28th March 2016

The clocks have gone forward but the weather is still the same!!

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It’s the first day of Spring

20th March 2016

Have fun with my patterned silk eggs

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Inspirational People

14th March 2016

This is the first anniversary of my Blog and this weekend I have been entertained and inspired by individuals who have reinforced my belief that if you try hard enough you can achieve anything.

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A Perfect Mother’s Day

7th March 2016

I had the day with my children just enjoying their company.

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Meaty Issues at Smithfield Market

29th February 2016

This week I meet another member of the ‘Countryfile Team’ in order to highlight the waste of meat products.

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A fun Saturday

22nd February 2016

My first baking demonstration in a private house to a group of wonderful ladies.

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February’s weather can change in an instant

14th February 2016

Today was a day for walking with the dogs. Blue sky, sunshine and a very gentle breeze but how things can change.

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We all need something to brighten up those grey,dull and rainy days

8th February 2016

This week I have attended the meet of the Brocklesby Hunt

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Wonderful skiing in the Italian Dolomites.

1st February 2016

A group of us have just been to Italy skiing and had a wonderful week with great weather and beautiful snow.

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” #Go Jo” for Sport Relief

22nd January 2016

Jo Brand is walking 150 miles from Hull to Liverpool for Sport Relief

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Flavours are essential for good food

18th January 2016

Often I am disappointed when a visually appealing plate of food is presented to me without any flavour.

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There are still some lovely vegetables in the garden

11th January 2016

Parsnips are a much undervalued vegetable.

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4th January 2016

Happy New Year readers ! What will 2016 bring ?

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A dog is for Life not just for Christmas

28th December 2015

My old lovely friend Charlie my Labrador is 14 years old in January

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Christmas is only 4 days away

21st December 2015

A Carol Concert at Hymers College in Hull gets me into the Christmas Spirit.

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We all make mistakes

14th December 2015

Last week I held a pork pie Masterclass and all did not turn out as expected.

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Christmas reunion with the 2014 Bakers

7th December 2015

A lovely bunch of people who now have become great friends

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Time to start thinking about Christmas

30th November 2015

Yesterday was the last of my demonstrations this year and what a great crowd at The BBC Good Food Show Birmingham

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Entertaining for a large group

23rd November 2015

The festive season is a time for inviting friends into your house. This week I tell you about a meal I have just cooked for 12.

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Exhausted after a busy weekend

16th November 2015

Friday, Saturday and Sunday have been full of appearances now time for a little relaxation.

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Several demonstrations in the next few weeks

9th November 2015

I is almost a year since I did my first demonstration. I hope I have improved!!

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The Shops are telling us Christmas is just around the corner

2nd November 2015

Time to make the Christmas Cake!

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The Clocks go back and the early nights arrive!

25th October 2015

The changing of the seasons is something we should embrace and enjoy.

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A Week of Reflection

18th October 2015

This week I have travelled to the South Lakes and on returning discovered more about my great-grandfather

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What a worthy winner – Nadiya

11th October 2015

A new year starts in the Great British Bake Off world

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Baking Bread at the Cake and Bake Show

4th October 2015

I have been asked about my bread recipes and this week I got a chance to demonstrate them at the Cake and Bake Show

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Another busy week with LFHW and Countryfile!

28th September 2015

What a great time I have had since winning the ‘Bake Off. This week has been no exception.

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A Day with Love Food Hate Waste

21st September 2015

Love Food Hate Waste are running a campaign entitled UseYourLoaf which highlights the large amount of bread that is thrown away each day.

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A Demonstration at The Eden Project

13th September 2015

Cornwall is such a lovely county but its a long way from North Lincolnshire

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Food is precious

6th September 2015

Often we take food for granted, when in fact is the most valuable commodity

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Safety in the Kitchen

30th August 2015

The school holidays are drawing to a close. Maybe if it rains again try my recipe this week. Its a winner with the children but always have safety in mind – read on !

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Still excellent growing weather for vegetables

24th August 2015

Some varieties of apples are ready for harvesting. So here is a recipe using my home grown apples.

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Sometimes Nature Seems Cruel

17th August 2015

This weeks post is mainly about my Guinea Fowl but I have included a lovely biscotti recipe

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Fish and Chips French Style

10th August 2015

Why is it so difficult to get fresh non filleted fish in England when we are surrounded by the sea?

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Bake Off is Back!!

3rd August 2015

12 new bakers have been introduced to the nation.

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Meeting up with Friends in Manchester

26th July 2015

This week I have opened a garden fete in a small village near where I live

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A Day of Baking with Children

19th July 2015

What vitality,enthusiasm and honesty children possess.

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An Entertaining Journey

13th July 2015

You never know what to expect when flying with low cost airlines.

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Summer flavours

6th July 2015

Seasonal food has by far the best flavour

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Hasn’t a year passed quickly

29th June 2015

Reminiscences of the final which was exactly a year ago

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The Season For Country Shows

22nd June 2015

It is the longest day and summer time officially starts today even though on the East Coast it may not feel like it

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What grows together goes together

15th June 2015

Elderberries and Gooseberries a great combination

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A week that took me from London to Aberdeen

9th June 2015

This week I have been in London twice and had a glorious time at The Taste of Grampian Food Festival

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Another week of memorable experiences

1st June 2015

Hi Readers – well, this is the end of the second of three very busy weeks for me. Exciting, varied and quite exhausting but loving every minute.

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A busy week

25th May 2015

This is week 1 of a very busy three weeks – not complaining though as I am loving every minute. No two days are the same which is a bit of a whirlwind at times but invigorating at the same time.

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Rhubarb is one of my favourite plants

18th May 2015

Try a Rhubarb Jelly

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Cheese cake for Hull City Commentators

11th May 2015

A cheesecake for the summer

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It is Barbeque weather already

4th May 2015

Tim has finished building the barbeque so Spit Roast Chicken is on the menu

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Hospitality in France

26th April 2015

Truly flavoursome French cuisine

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Primrose day

20th April 2015

19th April is Primrose day. It also happens to be my birthday!!

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Don’t be tempted to sow your seeds too early!

13th April 2015

Some lovely warm days but it can be bitterly cold at night

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Longer days and much to do

6th April 2015

Easter is traditionally a busy time in the garden and the kitchen

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News from the Humber Estuary

30th March 2015

Local news and my recipe for an Easter cake

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Easter is just around the corner

23rd March 2015

Silk dyed eggs

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Spring is on the way?!

16th March 2015

Second blog with some indoor and outdoor work

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My First Blog!

6th March 2015

How to start to write a blog and keep the reader engaged without it becoming a long “me, me, me” is my challenge !

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